The Keynote speaker was GP Schools Superintendent Dr, Gary Niehaus who provided us with an exceptional update on the Grosse Pointe Public School system
Gary Niehaus, Grosse Pointe School System Superintendent. Gary first likes to point out that the school system is #1 for best teachers in the state, ranked the #4 overall public school system in Michigan, and #88 in the U.S. Although Gary feels he is constantly defending the district, especially the high schools, the last ACT scores at both were the highest ever at each school, the five national merit semifinalists are the most with which he has been associated, and they still produce the most freshmen at U of M and MSU in the state. Dr. Niehaus is proud as to how the teachers take their professional life very seriously. He believes that the embedded professional development (most of the training is by teachers from the District) is the best that he has ever seen. This training is part of the strategic plan which also included studies on the curriculum, community connections, and infrastructure and technology. The idea is to have One GP where all of the schools are teaching in a similar manner. Gary joked that he has a good relationship with all of the school board members and that, they just don’t get along with each other. His job as it pertains to the board is to provide them with recommendations and leave the running of the schools, on a day to day basis, to his staff.