On Wednesday, May 1st, we were joined by Todd Linton, one of our newest Rotary Club members and a red badger. He shared with us a presentation about himself and his family and allowed us to get to know him more. 
Todd is a Grosse Pointe Farms resident who currently works with Hillyard Co. a floor-finishing company for NCAA basketball courts. He is married with three children ages thirteen, nine, and four.
His first job as a teenager was working at a bakery where he learned the fundamentals of working hard and the importance of work ethic. The knowledge he gained from working at this bakery he careered through to his career in tech. After making a career change from working in the Casino business for SHFL Entertainment, he found himself working for NILFISK, working to repair and clean vacuums. This job taught him community in work, something he values greatly. 
Even at his current position at Hillyard Co., he carries with him the skills and values that he has gained from his variety of positions. Welcome Todd Linton to the Rotary Club!