Feb 07, 2024
Steve Tengler
The SET Fund: Rebuilding Michigan - one scholarship at a time!

Steve Tengler resides in Grosse Pointe Park. When both 1) his uncle died at the age of 59 and 2) he struggled to cover his next college tuition bill, he decided that his $6k would start a scholarship for students “like me” who volunteered to do unpaid work on behalf of others, despite their own financial need. Hence, the SET Fund was born.

According to Steve, "The eventual irony: the quality of winners have been sooooo incredible that I wouldn’t even come close to being a finalist for our scholarship."

The SET Fund is now 25 years (and nearly $200k) into providing scholarships, and the stories are amazing: a few fleeing immigrants who came to our country and volunteered, a victim or two of death or violence, and several that started their own charities despite unpaid tuition. Steve will discuss a few stories and the fund's unique structure, and describe the fund's annual friend-finder.

You can learn more at www.setfund.org