Grosse Pointe Rotary Foundation
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Grosse Pointe Rotary Foundation-

Established more than 50 years ago

Goal – To receive and disburse contributions for the promotion of education, civic improvement, community development, international and cultural exchange and world health improvements



·         The Grosse Pointe Rotary Foundation is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in Michigan

·         The Foundation has been determined to be a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS

·         One-third of the directors are elected annually from the members of the Club and serve for a three year term

·         Officers are selected annually by the Foundation directors

·         The Foundation manages the club investments, prepares an annual budget and distributes monthly financial statements to its membership

·         Monthly meetings are held (preferably the week after the Club Board meets) to make decisions on grant applications once they are approved by the Club’s Board of Directors


Board Members:



Judy Masserang, President

William J. Scott III, Treasurer
Diane Strickler (2023)
William J. Scott III (2023)
Suzanne Klein (2023)
Mark Brooks (2024)
Judy Masserang (2024)
Ted Hadgis (2024)
Mark Weber (2025)
Dean Valente (2025)
Bob Lucas (2025)