Karl Kratz, center, co-founder of the Full Circle Foundation, was the guest speaker at the Wednesday, June 7, evening meeting of Rotary of Grosse Pointe. He was welcomed by President Ted Everingham and introduced by George R. McMullen Jr. of the Program Committee.

Full Circle was founded seven years ago with a donation of 1,000 dresses, which were then sold to provide funds to secure a location. Full Circle Foundation is currently located at 17006 Mack in Grosse Pointe Park (near Cadieux).
The charity’s mission is to support the activities that foster a sense of self- worth and independence in persons with disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities, by providing opportunities to contribute and participate productively in their community. It fulfills its mission by having these individuals learn through 1) working in a clothing resale store, 2) shopping and cooking in its kitchen, 3) working on computers setting up items for sale, 4) running a commercial laundry to learn basic skills, and (5) operating an Edible Garden and a Floral Program.

Full Circle also works with the Grosse Pointe Public School System. Currently, it is serving the needs for those age 18 to 26 but is looking to expand to a larger location to be able to assist those who have aged out. Kratz praised the G.P. school system for all it provides and the State of Michigan for being the only state to provide education for those in this age group.

To learn more, about this great local charity, visit www.fullcirclefdn.org.
(Photo by John Minnis)