Karan Bates-Gasior is the Development Officer at Turning Point of Macomb, MI.
The organization, founded in 1980, provides services to victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  It opened its emergency shelter in Mt. Clemens in 2013 which offers 13 rooms and 52 beds.  Its services include providing a case manager for each individual, counselors for children, and a staff to help seek personal protection orders and legal advocacy (which can be simply acting as a buffer in court).
One of the most important things Turning Point helps with is developing a safety plan.  This can include opening a bank account so the survivor has access to money.  It also provides a community advocacy program for the 12 weeks after a person leaves the shelter to help keep the individual from returning to the violent environment. 
Most of its funding comes from the federal government through the Violence Against Women Act.  The Act is up for a 5 year renewal and Ms. Bates-Gasior is very worried it will be eliminated.  She asked that we call our representatives in congress.
To learn more about this important organization, please go to www.turningpointmacomb.org.