Posted on Mar 31, 2021
Our presenter on March 31st was Alex Bunker from Recycle Across America.
Recycling is one of the most important actions society can do to simultaneously improve the environment, create jobs, grow the economy, contribute to sustainable manufacturing, reduce waste from going into oceans and waterways, and to mitigate climate change.
For recycling to work in the U.S., it will require that all 380 million of us know how to recycle properly.  Inconsistent and confusing labels on recycle bins lead to mistakes which cause people to be apathetic and/or skeptical about recycling.
Garbage being thrown in recycling bins destroys the economics, quality, and demand for recyclable materials. Unacceptable contamination levels on our recycling shipments to foreign countries have led them to stop or drastically reduce what they will accept.
RAA is working with Congress toward federally standardized labels for recycling bins.  Studies have shown that these labels have substantially reduced hauling fees for school districts/companies.  Recycling correctly will help eliminate the costly and crippling contamination crisis.
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