Posted on Nov 18, 2020
Our presenter on November 18th was Ashley Holmer, the Founder and Executive Director of the Red Sweater Project.
The school that Ms. Holmer, a former Grosse Pointe resident, helped create after going to Tanzania for the first time in 2005 is going strong.  There are 104 students, over 4 classes, and a staff of 17 (15 of which are local).  They also have 86 graduates who they raise funds for to assist in their continuing education.
Ms. Holmer played a video with the Director of English as a Second Language and the Operations Manager speaking.  The Director talked about the impact the school has on the students, focusing on one who has become much more confident and engaged.  The students are currently taking their exams that will place them in their areas of study and, for the older students, qualify them for their post-secondary education.  The Operations Manager takes care of the school and campus, helping with the garden and the rabbits.  Both are used to feed the students, with a goal of providing meals four times a week. Rabbits are raised because it only takes 10 weeks to go from birth to being ready for consumption.
A second video focused on the school and students.  The goal of the Red Sweater Project is to provide an affordable education no matter what challenges stand in the way, while also protecting the students and educators through every precaution, and ultimately creating a brighter future for every student.
A donation of $1,500 ($125/month) will pay all expenses for a child to attend school for a year.  To learn more or make a donation, of any amount, go to their website