Cissie Cappola: New Member Presentation
John Mozena introduced Cissie and provided us with a brief background. She was born and raised in GP Farms, spent some time as a ski bum in Colorado, lived in the Chicago area for 45 years, and came back to live in Grosse Pointe for the last four.
Cissie shared the impact of a stroke she experienced in September 2021. While having drinks with friends she started speaking gibberish and was immediately taken to the hospital.  Fortunately, she was able to receive the tPA IV, but it still took her days to have limited speech. After two weeks of rehab, with her ability to speak being the most difficult to return, she was sent home.  A urinary tract infection, with symptoms similar to her stroke, put Cissie back in the hospital for 4 weeks, where she eventually had a pacemaker installed.
These health issues led to some despair, before Cissie finally accepted what happened and decided to take action and focus on hope.  A byproduct of this was her desire to become involved and, with a suggestion from Roger Hull in 12/21, our club (to its benefit) became a beneficiary of this commitment.