Elizabeth Weigandt is the Author of the Queen Bee.
Ms. Weigandt grew up in Royal Oak and has lived in Grosse Pointe Farms for three years.  She believes that Grosse Pointe is a great literary community with its 3 libraries, 2 newspapers, and a magazine.  Her career has been in public relations but she has always wanted to write a book. 
Writing at night, it took her three years to finish the Queen Bee.  It’s a story about a worker bee, Manuka, and her friend, Cotton, who are banished from their hive for trying to warn the queen bee about a problem with the honey making everyone sick.  Their adventures are situated on Belle Isle and take place inside the Conservatory. 
Ms. Weigandt says there are three parts to telling a great story: (1) Set the stakes -- create tension with a problem that needs solving. (2) Develop the arc – build momentum and show what is happening.  (3) Resolve the stakes – a strong ending with the problem being solved.