As GP South Interact Club’s media manager for the past two years and as a writer and page designer for the school newspaper, The Tower, Fiona Lacroix was well equipped for the duties of her internship. 

In addition to attending every meeting and fellowship event, Fiona took part in service projects such as the Moross Greenway clean-up, the GP Memorial Church food drives, and the Ford Estate watershed clean-up. She also promoted these Club’s activities in the media. One of her favorite projects was spotlighting the veterans in the Club for Veteran’s Day.

Fiona’s takeaways from Rotary include: The importance of community building, entering the year as a very young outlier and leaving with genuine connections;
Saying “yes” as opportunities come from exiting one’s comfort zone; Opportunity builds, as all of her experiences lead to new ones and leave her better equipped to handle them; Staying positive, as there were times she didn’t feel like attending a meeting, but then greatly enjoyed being there.

Before attending the University of Michigan in the fall, Fiona will be spending three weeks in France with seven classmate friends and then vacationing at her family cottage in Cross Village, MI.