Posted on Aug 12, 2020

On August 12th we recognized the 2020 Frank Sladen Scholarship winners.

Three scholarship winners from GP North and three from GP South.  Mark Weber, the committee chair, introduced each student and read snippets of their school counselor’s recommendations.  He bypassed the students’ accomplishments because they were too numerous to mention.

From GP North:

Clare Loch – described as dedicated to everything and helping to bring the community together, Clare will be attending Wayne State and would like a career in theatre.

Mariah Loper – described as selfless and a decision maker, Mariah will be attending Michigan State and would like a career in politics.

Emee Simpson – described as someone with volunteerism at her heart, she has taught dance to children with a range of disabilities (Emme was unable to attend).

From GP South:

Will Glasser – described as diligent and a champion for the underdog, Will will be attending Michigan.  He is unsure of his major but would like a career in the medical field.

John Blake – described as one who gives to the community, John is in a 4-5-year paid apprenticeship program to become a residential wireman with Union 51 in Warren.

Claire Sheeren – living with a sister with an illness, Claire has run two very successful fundraisers for Mott Hospital.  She will be attending Wheaton College, pursuing an applied mathematics degree with a minor in music.