Jef Fisk: Right Brain/Left Brian: Creativity Takes Many Forms
The right part of one’s brain is the basis for creativity while the left part is for analyzing. Most consider art to be the creation of music, performing, visual arts such as painting and pottery, and the written word.  Mr. Fisk believes that the business world presents its own opportunities to bring art and be creative.
He presented this by describing his own early journey as a singer/songwriter, a record producer (his own albums and others), and a photographer (fashion and industrial).  His career path then took a turn to information technology where he was a programmer, an IT manager, a professor, and a chief information officer.  Even in the technology field, he was able to be creative when designing computer programs, being a project leader, and with communications, such as newsletters, presentations, role playing, and videos.
Throughout his business career, Mr. Fisk has continued to work and perform with GP Theatre at many levels, conduct fundraisers, and make online entertainment during Covid. To learn more, please visit (