On November 15th, we were joined by Jenny Boettcher, the President and General Director of the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce. Jenny shared with us a rundown of the services and opportunities that the Chamber of Commerce is continuing to provide to the Grosse Pointe communities going into 2024. The Chamber makes it their goal to promote local businesses and encourages residents to support them. They have many opportunities including student intern services, start-up support, welcoming new residents, volunteering, festivals, and so much more to help the community grow. All rotary members are also considered members of the chamber and are privy to all benefits that the chamber has to offer. 
The chamber puts on the annual Thanksgiving parade down Kercheval and is in the process of building Santa his new sleigh. The parade is on Friday, November 24th, and the chamber is looking for volunteers to marshal the parade. Please reach out if you would like to volunteer. 

The Chamber is also organizing snow globe making, where 50 local businesses will be given these globes to customize and put in their shops. This crafty project is to encourage the community to shop locally during the holidays.

Be on the lookout, in the summer of 2024 there will be sphere statues all around Grosse Pointe that have been beautifully painted by artists. Similar to the dog and heart statues that are around the community, the sphere will be the next creation displayed around town, organized by the Chamber of Commerce.