Our presenter on September 2nd was Jerome Dinochau, our 1985-86 Rotary exchange student from France.

One of Jerome’s host families was the Mozenas, who have stayed in contact with him over the years.  John and Susan attended Jerome’s wedding, and he was able to be here for their son’s wedding.

Jerome joined us via Zoom from Paris and Susan “interviewed” him.

Jerome noted that he had enjoyed all of the activities and sports during his year at GP South (which is much better than North 😊).  He had already graduated from high school before coming here and had passed the “baccalaureat” exam.  While here, he focused on classes to help him score well on the admissions exam to attend one of France’s “grands ecoles,” “L’Institut d’etudes politiques de Paris,”. “Sciences Po,” as the school is known in France, is generally thought to be the beginning step toward a career in public administration.

Jerome credited his time here among business-oriented Rotarians for his decision to go into the private sector and not the government.  Now 54, Jerome has worked for large companies, including the French railroad, where he managed the railroad’s real estate.  Since 2008, he has crafted a very successful entrepreneurial career in real estate in France, especially in and around Paris, working with brownfield properties around train stations and airports, and renovating properties in Parisian suburbs.

The Mozenas have hosted many exchange students.  Their son, John, reflected on how learning from his exchange brothers and sisters about other cultures was eye-opening.  Along with his parents, he highly recommends the hosting of exchange students, remarking that it had changed his family’s life.