Kathryn Woodstock is the Methodist Children’s Home Society’s (MCHS) Chief Development Officer.
The MCHS was formed in 1917 to take care of children without parents (either orphaned or parents were away from home fighting/supporting WWI).  With an 80-acre campus in Redford, the MCHS is home to 50 boys between the ages of 5 and 18.  Most have bounced from home to home and have suffered multiple traumas, which can include sexual, physical, and/or just what comes from the lack of food and necessities due to poverty. 
With a $10 million budget, provided primarily by the State, the mission of the extremely passionate staff of 140 is to advocate for the boys.  They do this by providing therapeutic services, teaching health and wellness life skills, and offering educational services to help the children catch up to their grade level.  A major initiative for 2020 is to open a “trauma based” charter school, the first in Michigan.
The ultimate goal is for each boy to live with a family, whether biological or foster.  The MCHS offers support and guidance to these families after the child is in their homes. To learn more about this organization, please visit www.mchsmi.org.