Kristy Schena is the founder and executive director of Kids On The Go.
Kids On The Go (KOTG) is a pediatric non-profit designed to provide special needs children (3-17 years) with physical, occupational and speech therapy during the summer months.  Its mission is to recognize and facilitate the goals of children with special needs and to further develop their skills through therapeutic and wellness programs for the children and their families.
Now in its 21st year, KOTG has progressed from 13 scholarships in 1999 to 350 this year.  Each scholarship is worth $500.  It now operates with other non-profits out of a former school in the Southlake District. 
Ms. Schena has talked to our Club many times over the years about all of the great KOTG programs.   In addition to the multidisciplinary summer camp, it also offers golf, flag football, baseball, tennis, cheer, music, art, and theatre.  For the older children, it has a teen to work program where they learn how to fill out an application and take part in an interview.  They are also able to attend occupational and speech therapy work stations and participate in job shadowing.  KOTG has recently partnered with the Special Olympics Health and Wellness Program where the children exercise and learn about nutrition.