Lawrence Burns is the President & CEO of the Children’s Foundation.
The Foundation (formerly the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation) was formed when the DMC hospitals were purchased by Vanguard Health Systems and became for-profit entities.  It began with $100 million that was in the coffers of the foundation that had to legally dissolve.  
In trying to help children stay on the path to healthy lives, the Foundation’s focus areas include mental health, oncology & cardiology research, abuse & neglect, injury prevention, and nutritional wellness.  It does this by partnering with 70 non-profits, civic organizations, and other foundations.  This year, $6 million in grants have been awarded from 200 proposals received.  A total of $55 million has been awarded since 2011.
The Foundation looks to work with other organizations to expand outreach, awareness, and fundraising initiatives.  It does so by running 501(c)(3)s such as the Jamie Daniels Foundation and handling the marketing for the Paul W. Smith Golf Classic.
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