Linda Boyle, Local Artist
Linda grew up in Grosse Pointe and obtained a degree in landscape architecture as MSU.  She used her artistic talents to hand draw landscape illustrations until the 2008 
economic downturn.  She then acquired graphic design certificates andworked for the Red Wings for 9 years, until pursuing painting full time in 2018.  Linda did this until Covid hit, requiring her to find full-time employment with the City of GP Park, where she was able to use her artistic talents, coming up with the City’s new logo. Since 2023, Linda is back to painting full time.  
On the business side, Linda makes money at juried shows and outdoor art fairs, but both require fees to have exhibits.  She also sells her artwork through galleries and social media and is commissioned to paint.  She is constantly learning, by attending exhibits of famous painters like Dali, Monet, and O’Keeffe and by attending classes, workshops, and presentations.  
With painting as her career, she is constantly inspired by day-to-day activities, but especially by traveling, pointing out recent trips to Glacier National Park and Africa.  Linda is very excited about her new studio in the Pioneer Building in Detroit and will soon be teaching an oil painting class. (