Our presenters on May 15th were Lisa Gandelot and Stuart Grigg of The Grosse Pointe Historical Society.
Lisa provided a brief history of the Society.  It was formed in 1945 but didn’t really become an active organization until 1980 when a group of residents became concerned about the tearing down of historical buildings.  In the last 40 years, it has bought and preserved two buildings (including the Provencal-Weir house).  It has also placed historical signs around the Pointes and provided plaques to older buildings with architectural significance.   
Mr. Grigg talked about the new home that will be built for the Society.  It will be a 5,600 square foot building on Kercheval, across the street from the P-W building, with ample room for storage and areas to view blueprints, artifacts, and exhibits.  He is very excited about being able to digitize historical books in their possession through a recently purchased scanner that scans without having to take the books apart. 
Lisa is the co-chair of the fundraising campaign for the new permanent home along with Mason Ferry, who was also in attendance. The Society’s 16th annual fundraising gala will take place on June 13th at the Anderson Villa on Lakeshore.  To learn more about the Society, the gala, or to make a donation, please visit www.gphistorical.org.  (Pictured: Mason Ferry, Lisa Gandelot, Stuart Grigg and Paul Rentenbach)