Mac Gallagher is the owner of Max Box.
Mac Gallagher, a GP resident, is a Golden Gloves champion, a former Penn State football player, and now helps coach the GP South freshmen football team.
Max Box, located at Mack and Hampton in GP Woods, uses boxing as a way to exercise.  It offers heavy bags, speed bags, and one on one training.  His business focuses on seniors after seeing the benefits of “rock steady boxing” with those suffering from Parkinson’s.  He believes his workouts are a way to stack the deck against “age related decline” diseases.
The workouts combine strength training (that the person feels when striking the instructor’s hand) and endurance by constantly moving when throwing punches.  Mr. Gallagher believes there is a connection between movement and the brain when he yells out the punch combinations – jab (1), cross (2), hook (3), and uppercut (4).  It requires the participant to think and react while undergoing strenuous physical activity.  
George McMullen volunteered for the physical demonstration and handled throwing the punch combinations like a seasoned pro.