Maria Miller, CEO of the War Memorial
Ms. Miller is very excited about the recent renovations at the War Memorial, with the ballroom capacity at 300-350, and opening it all up will accommodate up to 600. Over 100 wedding receptions have taken place there this year.
Contrary to popular belief, they are not flush with cash and are trying to grow the endowment. There are many capital needs as the 113-year-old home has water problems and an aging roof. To raise funds, there are many historic preservation and veteran focused grant requests outstanding.
Ms. Miller is invested in making sure the building’s rich history is shared with the community, especially as it pertains to veterans. In addition to Memorial Day and Veterans Day events, there is an existing veterans club, and they collaborate with other veterans’ groups to provide support.
The War Memorial offers 100 unique classes, 70 events, and has 40 partnership collaborations. Ms. Miller is looking at legacy and. historic events to see if any, such as Lawn Games Day, Battle of the Bands, or Summerfest should be brought back. To find out all that it offers, go to