Mark Mals, Executive Director of the Mercy Education Project.
The organization’s mission is to provide the tools for educational equity, economic stability and mobility; and cultural enrichment opportunities for women and girls who have limited access to resources
– empowering them as they work towards a brighter future.
Formed in 1992, the MEP is located at Trumbull and Howard and primarily serves southwest Detroit. Since its formation, it continues its core purpose, which is to help girls and women with reading and math through its volunteers. The organization has a budget of $1.25 million, which is 70% financed through government funds and 30% through private donations/grants.
Due to the hardships faced by many of their students, it is hard for them to recognize their potential, let alone try to reach it. The safe space offered by the MEP gives them a chance to focus on bettering themselves, and not just surviving. As a former philosophy teacher at U of D Jesuit, Mr. Mals believes in Plato’s pursuit of perfection, making oneself better every day, even if it is something that can never be fully attained.
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