Michelle Boggess-Nunley, owner of Posterity Art Gallery
After being treated graciously be a GP homeowner where her car stalled on the way to an enjoyable job
interview at the CCD (her employer for 14 years), Ms. Borgess-Nunley knew she wanted to remain in Grosse Pointe.  When the opportunity arose to become the owner of Posterity Art Gallery a year and a half ago, she jumped at it.
As an internationally known artist, Ms. Borgess-Nunley was well associated with the Gallery as she spent over 3 months during the pandemic, sitting at its front window, drawing a world record breaking maze. To officially break the record, one of the many requirements is that the drawing had to be witnessed and videotaped.  When finished, it measured 1,126 feet long. She has loved drawing mazes since she was a child.
As the owner of Posterity, Ms. Borgess-Nunley is promoting local living emerging and well-known artists through community events, and public art displays. Its framing business, with its own woodworking shop, offers high quality frames.
www.boggessart.com (http://www.boggessart.com/)
www.posterityartgallery.com (http://www.posterityartgallery.com/)
 (located in The Village)