Posted on Jan 20, 2021
Mil Hurley, owner of A Southern Gardener, spoke to us about the Moross Greenway Project on Jan 20th.
The Moross Greenway Project is a non-profit working to re-landscape the seven median islands between Ascension St. John Hospital and the I-94 service drive.  It began in 2009 and, with six years of fundraising (goal of $600,000) and planning, ground was broken in 2015.
Enormous beds were created with 150 trees, 500 shrubs, and 10,000 perennials, that thrive in Michigan weather, being planted. Drip irrigation is being used until the plants mature and will then be removed.
There have been setbacks, such as the very wet winter that followed the initial planting. Plants were lost so the beds had to be raised to handle the drainage. 
There is a permanent art sculpture on one of the islands, but the rest of the artwork is rented by the organization and is rotated out.  All sculptures are for sale. 
To keep this beautification project going, many volunteers and donations are needed.  To maintain the islands, $40,000/year is required.  Volunteers help pick up trash twice a year and plant 500 daffodils every spring.  To volunteer, donate, or learn more about the organization and the art work, please visit