On November 29th we were joined by Nicole Valentini, MSW, the Development Director for BuildOn Detroit.
BuildOn is a national organization, operating in five regions, with the Detroit branch being formed in 1993. Its mission is to break the cycle of illiteracy and low expectations through service and education.  
The Detroit branch operates in 4 of the 14 Detroit public schools, with the hope to extend into all of them. It has Engagement Specialists in each school, partnering with teachers and operating as mentors, looking to recruit students into their program.  Their strategy is to engage 9th graders and focus on dispute resolution and community action.
In addition to partnering with other service organizations for local projects, BuildOn wants students to think globally.  They do this by offering 12-day international service projects.  97% of the students in the Detroit program graduate from high school.
To donate or register for an upcoming event, please go to www.buildon.org/buildon-detroit