Posted on Mar 03, 2021
On March 3rd Nina Gazel gave her "New Member Vocational Talk"
Nina and her husband, Caleb, live in GP Park with their dog, Odin, and grandmother, Marie Horak (who spoke to our club).  Nina is the VP of Business Strategy for Fusion Hill, a qualitative consumer research firm. Caleb, is a resident in emergency medicine at St. John Hospital.  They met at Carleton College in Minnesota.
Nina provided a power point presentation of her family history and titled it “A Mutt’s Tale”.  She has lived in many different parts of the country and has a very diverse family background.
On her mother’s side, her grandmother is German and grandfather Ukrainian, and they met in Germany before coming to the U.S.  Family values they passed along include: education above all else; exploring and experiencing life; and always share your table with others.
On her father’s side, her grandparents met in Brazil, where her father was born, and his brothers still live.  The family values coming from this side are: family above all else; love languages, quality time, and food; humor solves everything; and soccer and card game feuds are forever.
A constant through Nina’s life has been volunteering.  She has had many exchange student brothers and sisters growing up, has been involved with many charity events and is currently on the board of the Ted Mullen Fund.