Renata Conger, Parish Education and Youth Ministry Coordinator at First English Evangelical Church -- Workcamp summer program.
The purpose of Workcamp is to bring together high school students, along with adult supervisors, from around the country to repair homes. The repair teams are made up of 5 students and one adult.
Workcamp is set up through an organization called Group Mission Trips.  GMT provides broad-stroke planning, staffing, and marketing to participants and it works with co-sponsors, like Ms. Conger’s Church, that build a team, fund repairs, and provides worksites.  The program also requires the help of the local community to provide lodging and hospitality.
The 2024 Workcamp is in Grosse Pointe from 7/7 to 7/13.  The hope is to have 400 attendees, who will work on 80 homes located within 30 minutes from GP North, where the participants will sleep on air mattresses.  Ms. Conger’s goal is to provide “radical hospitality” to inspire Workcampers and is asking those who live here to bring out their gifts, talents, and resources that week.
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