Rev. Susan Mozena gave us a fascinating presentation about her trip on a B-52 Bomber.
Susan’s father, Charles d’Olive, was a reserve pilot in WWI as a part of the Army’s 93rd aviation squadron.  He achieved the first aerial kill in the squadron’s history, ultimately shooting down 5 planes over a week period.  This earned him the honor of a Flying Ace (although it took until 1963 for the fifth plane to be confirmed) and he was awarded a Distinguished Service Cross.
His time as a pilot in the war shape his life and, as Susan describes it, her house’s décor.  She has quite a bit of WWI memorabilia which she has periodically loaned to the squadron.
While attending the squadron’s 100th anniversary last year...
a seed was planted to let Susan fly on a B52. 
After going through a flight physical, and ejector seat and parachute training, this past September Susan had the pleasure of going on an 150 mile flight which included some “touch and goes” (landing with a quick re-thrust back in the air).  She was actually given the opportunity to fly the plane.  As an official crew member, she also participated in the post-flight celebration. 
The pride Susan feels for her father’s accomplishments as a “citizen airman” was evident in her presentation.