Our very own Richard Yeager-Stiver told us his story about... A lone cold road in Scotland.
Richard’s story began on a lone cold road in Scotland while on a religious pilgrimage.  He had pre-purchased trip packages and carried only credit cards while travelling by buses and ferries, which became a problem when he found out a key bus fare could only be purchased by cash.  This led to him coming across a character who sent him running around to various places in unsuccessful attempts to obtain cash with his credit cards.  Missing the last bus to Fionnphort, his next destination, Richard was forced to hitchhike. 
This part of his travels introduced him to a man name Frasier and his dog Moses.  Frasier took him on a series of unusual excursions, akin to kidnapping, all while commenting that hitchhiking was very dangerous and that people have gone missing.  He refused to let Richard leave his vehicle until they reached his cottage for an overnight stay with the plan being to catch a ferry the next day. 
At the cottage, Richard met Frasier’s wife, Hillary, who was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and had completely given up on God.  Upon learning of Richard’s profession, she opened up, talking to the next morning, and almost caused him to miss yet another departure. His entire experience and ordeals worked to reveal God not only to him but especially to a woman in need of spiritual guidance.  As everything worked out, Richard believed he was blessed and can only describe his travels as a “Blessed Kidnapping”.