Russ Jones – District Governor 
DGJones, a member of the Plymouth Club since 2003, strongly believes in RI’s theme for this year, Create Hope in the World. Every service project, no matter how mundane, creates hope in people that you may never meet and that it’s the rotary moments”, whether it’s a meaningful project or just having fun, that keeps one engaged and active. The creation of hope can come from just one person. 
District 6400’s theme is Be The One. DG Jones believes that everyone should take a leadership role, whether at the board or committee level. 
Topics that are important to our District Governor are (1) the environment, where the District is pursuing a RI global grant to restore the Rouge River; (2) mental health, where there is a Rotary action group that addresses its stigma (; and (3) human trafficking, where he supports attempts to eliminate it in all of its forms, whether  domestic, agricultural, or child. 
There is a District 6400 Foundation Dinner Celebration on 11/9 where past RI president Jennifer Jones will be a speaker. The District Conference will take place from 5/3 to 5/5 at the Amway Grand in Grand Rapids. As Kim Towar noted, the fellowship and knowledge obtained at a conference is where one becomes a Rotarian.  Tickets for both can be purchased at