Posted on Aug 26, 2020

Sarah Jean spoke to us about Raising a Mixed Family during Racially Charged Times.

Sarah Jean (not providing her last name as she is protecting the anonymity of her adopted children) has 7 children, She and her husband, Joe, became foster parents in 2017 and have adopted 4 of the 5 they fostered (the fifth returning to their family).  All four are black and Sarah Jean and her family are white.

The tiring process of adopting foster children, although needed, has its ups and downs.  She noted many ways to support foster families, such as county “foster closets” that will accept donations of money, clothing, and toys to help offset the cost of taking in these children.  Also, donations of memberships to places like the Zoo or Greenfield Village and of your time (babysitting, lawn cutting) are greatly appreciated.

Her family are advocates of Black Lives Matter. She understands that all lives matter but believes that these words defeat the purpose of Black Lives Matter and that black lives need a little extra help at this time. 

Sarah Jean asks that we all take a moment to reflect on racial assumptions we make and to try to be anti-racist.  This would require getting to know someone of a different color and experiencing different cultures.  Only by doing this will the healing process begin.

Sarah Jean’s 12 year old son, Jeremiah, told the Club that he appreciates living with people who don’t look like him but that love and respect each other.