Ms. Farah is a member (and Rotary foundation chair) of a new club, chartered in February 2022, called the Club of Global Partners in Peace. It is based in District 7730 out of North Carolina and started with 27 members from 18 countries. It consists of peace practitioners and Rotary Peace Fellow alumni mobilizing at all levels – in local communities, on national programs, and at global policy tables.
Rotary has a long history of peacebuilding, doing so since before WWI. This club’s vision is to create community as a place of support, comfort, learning, and safety and its goal is to partner in Rotary to amplify peacebuilding around the world.
As a new club, it is trying to build a solid foundation where different time zones and access to resources don’t prevent anyone from taking part. Ms. Farah shared a video where members from around the world gave their vision as to how to build peace. This included Laurie Smolenski, a former Grosse Pointer, who has a rich Rotary history.
Learn more about the club here:
Ms. Farah is the executive Director at the American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine. The organization’s goal is to connect Ramallites across the country and educate the American public about the rich Palestinian culture. She was born and raised in Chile to a Palestinian father and Spanish mother. Her family has always fought for human rights, which led her to a Masters in global studies at the University of North Carolina, where she also received a Certificate in International Peace and Conflict Resolution.