Steve Tengler: The SET Fund: Rebuilding Michigan – one scholarship at a time.
With a $2,000 inheritance, Steve and Elizabeth Tengler started an education fund in 1998, which has continuously grown since then.  Each year, the SET Fund provides scholarships to Michigan residents attending Michigan colleges. They are awarded based on financial need and community involvement to applicants who live in the state and plan to enroll in or are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at a Michigan college or university.
The Fund has given out 38 scholarships totaling $177,500, with a typical finalist being a child of a single parent earning $30,000/year.  The hardships suffered by some of the recipients are staggering, yet the students find a way to still help others.  The Fund’s goal is to reach $1 million dollars with the hope that the students, upon graduation, will live, work, and continue to volunteer in Michigan.
A wine tasting fundraiser will take place on 9/14 at the Windmill Pointe Park’s Tompkin’s Center. (