Posted on Sep 23, 2020

On September 23rd, Ted Coutilish presented the Club Survey Results.

48 members (56% of the Club) responded to the survey sent out by the communications committee. The questions were broken down into two categories: General Club and Club Communications.

General:  The results show that service activities are extremely important to the membership, as well as supporting service organizations and schools/education.  Other areas that received high marks are the Club’s leadership, the quality of the speakers, the length of our meetings, affordability, and community support.

The Club needs to focus on the diversity of our members and the visibility/awareness of our Club.  We need to attract younger, more diverse members and need to “toot our horn” more often.

Communications: A category that received high marks is the Club’s ability to keep members informed, with e-mail being the preferred notification vehicle.  Although, some believe the e-mail process can be streamlined somewhat.  The best ways to attract new members is to promote our service work, as well as emphasizing the friendships and networking opportunities that develop.  A large percentage also believe that the 4-Way Test is a great selling point.  The best ways for the Club to advertise are through social media and the local papers. 

The communication plan that is being prepared will focus on promoting and advertising the Club to improve/expand its image to attract younger, more diverse members.  The plan is two-thirds complete and it will be shared in the next few weeks.

Thank you to all who worked on preparing the survey questions and compiling the results/plan.