Ted Everingham talked about the Power of the Human Spirit in his continuing recovery from alcoholism. 
Ted was born in Buchanan, MI, grew up in Jackson, and described his childhood as a Norman Rockwell painting.  This idealistic life, at least from an outsider’s perspective, continued through college/law school, his becoming a husband and father, and then a successful lawyer at a prestigious law firm. 
This all changed at age 38...
...when he was confronted by the law firm’s managing partner to fix his problem or leave the firm.  As Ted stated, he was a “functional drunk”.  Somewhat reluctantly, he attended his first AA meeting and then checked into Brighton Hospital for treatment.  While there, he was struck by the universality of the disease in that it strikes people from all walks of life. 
Alcoholism is the 3rd leading preventable cause of death in the country with a huge social and economic impact.  In the Grosse Pointes, Ted believes that the money available fuels addiction, the ability to hide it, and is a relapse trigger.
Ted believes that it’s his turn to help those fighting addictions.  Today he feels like Norman Rockwell has returned as he able to enjoy and remember special occasions with family and friends.