Wesley Berry – Author of Big Things Have Small Beginnings.
Mr. Berry took his family’s florist business from a $60,000/year business to a $60 million dollar company.  He franchised locations and took early advantage of the internet and began delivering internationally.
With a talk focusing on leadership, Mr. Berry believes that those willing to take risks, are not afraid to fail, and willing to take radical steps to make a mark will be successful and leaders in their business.  Early in his career, he did this by calling local radio and TV stations on the first of each month to barter flowers for advertising.  This bartered advertising increased profits by a tremendous amount in less than a year.
Mr. Berry handed out business cards that asked for the holder of the card to put a short, “workable” wish on the back of it and then place in your wallet/purse.  He believes that your subconscious will remember this and will find you examples of the wish coming true when you are not even looking for it.
Finally, Mr. Berry asked that everyone consider being a mentor as some point in their life. As a teenager, he was fortunate to have one who, although he was providing similar advice that he received from his father, made more of an impact because he was not someone he saw on a daily basis.