Posted on Jun 23, 2021
Our presenters on June 23rd were Tom Milano & Nancy Weigandt from Detroit Abloom.
What a wonderful program and organization to be involved with!
So many programs, events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities at Detroit Abloom! A lot of changes since their last visit three years ago.  This organization basically does flower farming on the east-side of Detroit.  They bought vacant land and have given local residents meaningful jobs. 
They started in 2015 with the help of the Kressege Foundation with a $76,000 grant.
We learned a lot about the monarch butterflies that are tagged and fly 2,800 miles to Mexico!
The also sell native plants, seeds, and of course flowers.
Recently they have built a wellness center, outdoor bathrooms using rainwater and compost toilets.  They even have a shower.  They also built an outdoor wood-burning oven for the community to gather and use.
I encourage everyone to visit their website for more details.