Gianna House is a pregnancy and parenting residence located in Eastpointe which was a vision in 2009 and became a reality in 2019. Its mission is to provide a safe residence for at-risk, pregnant girls and young women and their newborn infants. They provide spiritual, educational, and parenting support and resources to underserved women in their program. An example of this care is Desiree, who, at age 16, gave birth at Gianna House and was able to find a job and apartment. Due to her child becoming ill, she was unable to work and relied on the organization to provide supplies. Gianna House's care does not evaporate once a woman leaves their program, they continue to be a valuable resource.
Gianna House offers two programs. (1) Resident housing, long-term for up to a year after birth. Its capacity is 8 total (4 moms and 4 infants) ages 18-25 and it hopes to expand to 14 total and include ages 13-17. (2) Community Outreach, supplying parenting classes, baby items, clothing, car seats, and strollers.
There is currently a capital campaign to expand the services available to provide a haven for the young women that come to their doors. Disrupting the cycle of poverty and ensuring stronger, productive families through stable, safe housing has been their recipe for success. To learn more, please visit