Brian Peterson-Roest is the Founder of Bees in the D.
Bees in the D is a non-profit whose mission is to create a cooperative effort between residents, schools, organizations, and businesses in Detroit and southeast Michigan to contribute to both the health of honey bee colonies and the education of their importance to our environment.  It started with 2 rooftop hives and...
now has 38 locations consisting of 102 hives in SE Michigan and Canada. Each hive attracts 60,000 bees. 
Brian’s main goal is to educate on the importance of pollinators and the conservation of the honeybee through a network of hives.  Honeybees can travel up to 3 miles to look for food so the organization is looking to build hives along highways to allow them to travel long distance in three miles blocks. He encourages everyone to help attract bees by putting rocks in bird baths and growing pesticide free flowers.
To learn more about the organization, find out about upcoming events, or donate, visit