Rebecca Fannon is the Community Relations Director for the GP Public Schools.
Mrs. Fannon talked about the school district’s bond proposal that will be up for a vote on November 6th.  The proposal is designed to (1) enhance student safety and school security, (2) make infrastructure improvements, and (3) upgrade technology infrastructure.  The idea is to keep students “safe” through new locks and entrances; “warm” with new boilers and HVAC (Richard School still has the original from 1928); “dry” through new roofs, windows, and masonry; and “connected” with updated wiring and cabling.
The bond would result in a 1.5 mill tax increase.  Mrs. Fannon believes it is necessary to maintain and enhanced Grosse Pointe’s reputation.  Representatives of GPPSS Bond Yes 2018 spoke briefly as to why we should vote in favor of the bond.
Dan Roeske, Michelle Lindsey, Jim Bellanca Jr., Rebecca Fannon and Gary Niehaus