Sean Scholthoefer is the current Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Commodore.  The GPYC was founded in 1914.  At first, there was just a harbor at the foot of Vernier Rd. that was constructed by Grosse Pointe Shores along with its municipal building in 1915.  Construction of the current clubhouse building didn’t take place until 1927 and was completed in 1929, months before the start of the Great Depression.  The total cost was $1 million ($12 million today).
During the 1930s, the Club had to borrow from its membership to remain open before eventually going into receivership. Eventually an appeal was made to purchase the Club from the bank for $125,000.  It re-opened in 1938 and has continued to operate to this day.
Over the past three years, $9 million has been spent to revamp the harbor and tennis courts and to build a playground and splash pad.  The goal is to make it more appealing to families to boat, dine, and exercise at one location.  The Club has also increased its community outreach through the Grosse Pointe Youth Nautical Education Foundation.