Today's presenters were Elizabeth Carey (CEO) and Lynn Komasara (Gifts Officer) with Starr Commonwealth.  They provided an overview of their 105 year-old social services non-profit that serves the emotional needs of children and families by educating and training professionals in multiple southeastern Michigan counties. 
An invitation was also extended to attend and support their upcoming 105 anniversary celebration at the Detroit Zoo on Saturday, October 6, 2018…for details visit
Since 1913, Starr Commonwealth has been dedicated to the mission of creating positive environments where children and families flourish. Starr Commonwealth is internationally recognized as a leader in transformational programs for children, families, schools and communities. Starr continues to believe as their founder did in 1913: "There's no such thing as a bad child." Their community-based programs, residential treatment services, educational services and professional training represent the international standard of excellence in identifying, treating and healing trauma and pain-based behavior and building resiliency in children and adolescents.