Tim Killeen, Wayne County Commissioner, provided an update on three issues impacting the County. (1) The Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority, (2) The seawall along Lakeshore in the Farms and Shores, and (3) The Wayne County Jail.
The Commissioner is on the DWMHA Board and is proud of the work it does to help those with mental illness.  It is focusing on integrated care (offering different types of treatment at one location) which can help cut costs and provide better outcomes.  It is a constant struggle to find funding through the state and federal governments.  Right, now $700 million in federal money goes to the facility.  He is not in favor of privatizing the services offered.
The seawall is in need of repair but is still in the pricing stage to conduct a study.  Mr. Killeen was told it would cost $1,200/square foot, making it incredibly expensive.  Ideas have been floated to remove the seawall between the Farms Pier and Crescent Yacht Club to allow for a natural shoreline as well as possibly building a walk/bike path.  Grant money is being pursued.
Mr. Killeen is voting yes to the Wayne County Jail agreement with Rock Ventures.  He does not believe it’s a good deal but it is the best available because the cost of building on the site where construction began four years ago is no longer cost effective.  Like any of the County’s projects, the cost and finding the funding needed to make it happen are the driving forces.
To learn more or to meet our Commissioner for coffee, go to www.waynecounty.com/elected/commission/district1.