George McMullen was our "Virtual" presenter on April 15th.  He gave a very thoughtful and insightful speech on his experience with battling cancer.  Rather than paraphrasing it we thought it best to share it word for word.  Please keep in mind, he wrote this to be spoken and not to be read.
"Twist and turns of life, 6 weeks ago I thought I was a healthy individual looking back there were some clues of my I’ll health but chose not to see the warning signs  then the twist a diagnosis of Pancreatic and Liver Cancer. As I reflect on my first thoughts coming to mind there were many questions and not very positive ones that went through my head but came down to two that would be difficult to answer Why Me…How long do I have to live…. but I thought to myself If I can answer these questions in a way that will give me peace it will give me the ability to direct all my energy to fully fight this largest challenge of my life
So where to go for answers I have relied on may sources from professional to on line to family and friends my thoughts of previous experiences but most of all prayer and my relationship with “I’AM” 
Question one “Why me” cancer is part of life and individuals get cancer why did God pick me with 7 billion people in the world I started by looking up in the bible a quote I have heard more than a few times 1 Corinthians 10:13 teaches “God won’t give you more than you can handle.”
It occurred to me how well I was suited and blessed by God with the tools to handle this challenge better than other individuals who have had to fight and or now fighting  this life threating disease.
A few of the many advantages that I have in this battle include financial independence I don’t have to report to work and live in a community that has literally 5 world class medical facilities within 40 miles of my home and 3 within in 5 miles, and treatment 1 Mile from my home. A country where Medical systems are making almost daily great strides in cancer treatment. My residence is a standalone home not a crowded apartment complex and in a crowded city that could expose me to additional disease. A family and good friend and partner that have the means to devote full time to my care..a winning and competitive spirit that I have used my whole life to run marathons compete in business and make the decisions that until recently keep me in great health.
Further As devastating as this is for my family and my Guardian Angel Julie I never added to my family no children have to live through this.
Also I have Lived almost 63 years… many individuals including many from my graduating class at GP South didn’t make it to even 50, I was not killed in Iraq at 20. I have enjoyed a life of privilege of good health I lived longer than my father even thought of I have lived to see my entire life transformed 13 years ago from a couch potato to a community activist, and supporter that lead to the best day of my life occurring in in my 60th year. And with God’s blessing I have lived every day as a gift I have had an exceptional life with no complaints and feel very blessed.
But most of all I’m blessed to live in a community that while difficult to be in at times the Old your business is my business when a person needs help they go beyond and above the call of duty to support help and assist in any way A wonderful community that takes care of our own and I certainly have been a big recipient that love, support and prayers. And my friends /Family at Rotary are a big part of that and I thank you your truly make a difference.
How long do I have to live?  
When first given the diagnosis my Dr. shared with me the statistics and averages as reported were 12-18 Months he was quick to say “on average” there was silence and racing through my head were thoughts that I was facing my premature Death and opened up some scary but additional quiet thoughts in a dark corner of my head not meaning to be dramatic but when talking to friends about the summer when working on the 2020 RYLA in November or even this Easter quiet questions of will I be here is this my last. But just as quickly the silence was over and the Dr. continued He said people beat the odds all the time and why not you George so move forward with a no expiration date and attitude of attacking the challenge and overcoming it…. This is part of the advice I base my battle on and have accepted 
That conversation pointed me in the direction to find reasons not to have an expiration date and increase my thought process to being positive and empowering and inspirational not only to me but to the members of team George and community.
Ask for reasons and you shall receive I truly believe God sent me some information to help in my challenge as about this time I heard the very inspirational message by Mr. Alex Trebek a message of inspiration hope Love and survival and keeping a positive outlook. He also had a message of obligation and almost a contract with his team supporters friends and medical professionals who have put so much work into his treatment for the last year…He said  if I did not do everything possible and with all available tools to fight this battle to stay alive, it would be a disservice and almost an insult to their efforts. This massage added to my battle plan along with no expiration date that I carry with me daily.. I make that contract will all my supporter’s I will not dishonor or insult you by giving up and I promise to give it my best effort every day. And if I may I interject a personal note my thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Trebek and his family for a full recovery
Another thought that came to mind a speech I heard 25 years ago By Mr. Terry Anderson who was a journalist and held hostage in the Middle East for over 6 years…upon being taken his captors said this is nothing personal. The speech he said two things “let it go don’t hold resentment” and you’re capable of more than you think you are… why I thought of these words and the timing of Mr Trebek’s speech came to my attention at this very interesting time in my life I don’t know perhaps that leads to my next and most important source to find answers and inspiration from I’AM
I connected my faith and looked for answers Calling the I’AM when in trouble and had done so before when I went clean and sober almost 22 years ago. I think it was the Movie Oh God with George Burns representing God he said and I paraphrase “I don’t hear from my children much except when there in trouble and then my phone starts ringing off the Hook” I have to admit prayer and me have been in and out over the last few years depending on when I needed help…so finding the number of the man upstairs took some time. Finally I found it in a shoe box in the back of the closet near a pile of old shoes…I jest to much but even though prayer was not one of my daily routines even weekly I had never lost my faith 
Through prayer and my attendance the last few years in church I remembered a some words in one of the gospels that has been with me over the years that came to mind and had heard several times before   “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” the most powerful and inspirational message that has sent me in this direction of positivity in my battle.
We have the questionsm do we have the answers?
Why me perhaps a better question why Not me who is better prepared to handle this challenge that God has given me not only the tools but the He has also given me the blessed opportunity to be inspirational to be positive to challenge myself I said one time last year if I can pull RYLA in the short time frame I was given I can do anything”. Each person is different but the tools and advantages I have been blessed allow me the peace that God Pick me as I’m the best suited to fight this challenge  
How long do I have? … the answer forever if I stay in this world  I will continue to be positive and contributing to my friends and community and I have the unique opportunity to lead by example that there is no challenge that can be met head on in a positive manor…if I move on the too the next stage of eternal life  I take great comfort (and to be frank excitement has crossed my mind) that I will be together again with those who have gone before of particular note including George R McMullen as we have not crossed paths in 55 years.
God has sent me to a place of peace that I’m in his hands that he alone will decide where my life will go in this world or the next. This allows me to devote full time to staying here as long as possible and take great comfort in all the help I’m receiving from Team George,  community members and the medical professionals in that my time here is not over at least…. not yet.