Our speakers this week were the officers of the Grosse Pointe South Interact Club.
Unfortunately, the State’s cancelling of the school year has limited the Club’s community service, but they were able to have several well attended projects.  This included, on behalf of The Helm, raking leaves for seniors and writing notes to be included in Meals-On-Wheels meals.   It also partnered with the National Honor Society at Gleaners Food Bank and had a great turnout preparing bag lunches for Lunches of Love.
President Enya was happy with the volunteer projects the Club was able to complete and with the turnout.  The leadership is encouraging the writing of letters of support to health care workers and to seniors.  They also thanked Kevin Cox, George McMullen, Julie Baumer, and Scott Matthews for their support.  
George McMullen presented three $1,000 Interact scholarships to Elliott Gunnell (who was president last year and graduated early to study in Sweden – which has been delayed), Laine Johnson, and Enya Nguyen.  They all thanked the Club. 
Finally, George ended the presentation by nominating Kevin Cox to be faculty-advisor for life.  It was unanimously approved without discussion.