Today we heard vocational talks from two of out fellow GP Rotarians.  Bill Roche (right of John), an investment banker with Hutchinson, Shockey, Erley & Co and John Ellis (Left of John), the CFO at Motor City Industrial.
Bill Roche is an investment banker with Hutchinson, Shockey, Erley & Co and has been in the business 37 years.  He deals with municipalities and nonprofits. 
With municipalities, he will sell voter approved bonds to institutional investors to finance capital improvements and will also secure loans for municipalities with a small tax base.  Locally, he has worked on obtaining the financing to build the GP Cable system and with Bon Secours Hospital (now Beaumont) to build a senior living community.
John Ellis is the CFO at Motor City Industrial and, before that, he worked at Edward Jones.  He was working for a German company in Beijing when his wife, Wen, was accepted to WSU Medical School.  After 10 months apart, John decided Grosse Pointe looked like a nice community to live in.  He is very appreciative of his Rotary membership in making him part of the community.  Congratulations to Wen (and John) as she reached another milestone in her goal of becoming a surgeon.