Beyond Basics received 408 coats from Grosse Pointe Rotary this year and hustled to get them to students before Thanksgiving. (Pictured is one of the happy recipients.) They provide them to the schools listed below, along with other services (e.g., tutoring, literacy aids, etc).  Learn more about Beyond Basics here: 
Thirkell Elementary (Detroit Public Schools)
Mumford High School (Detroit Public Schools)
Burton International School (Detroit Public Schools)
Sampson-Webber Leadership Academy (Detroit Public Schools)
Southeastern High School (Detroit Public Schools)
Central High School (Detroit Public Schools)
Westside Christian Academy (Detroit)
Durfee Elementary (DPS)
Durfee Family Literacy Center (Life Remodeled Durfee Center)
Myers Elementary (Taylor Schools)
Whitman Elementary (Pontiac Public Schools)
Pontiac Dream Center (after school program)