Megan Owens is the Executive Director of Transportation Riders United (TRU).
TRU is a nonprofit dedicated to improving public transit throughout the greater Detroit region through education, engagement, and advocacy.  It is an advisor to the Regional Transit Authority. 
The national average cost of owning/driving a car is over $8,400/year (even more in MI).  This is second only to housing costs on an annual basis.  This impact on those struggling financially, combined with the elderly who no longer drive and millennials who choose not to drive, shows the need for a mass transit system.  It also needed to attract employees and businesses to the area.
There are too many gaps in the current public transit system.  It needs to connect to more places, connect more frequently, provide express connections, and allow each community a voice in what level of public transit is needed in its area.  To accomplish this, there needs to a much higher level of public investment.  To learn more, go to