Alicia Carlisle spoke to the club as one of the founders of Michael B’s Café. The idea behind Michael B’s is to form a new non-profit in Grosse Pointe Park where special needs adults can work, including Ms. Carlisle’s son, Michael, who has Autism. It will be located on Mack Ave., next to the Cabbage Patch saloon.
The Café will serve ethically sourced coffee that will benefit the communities where the coffee is grown and will have a second floor with event space. They are looking to partner with other non-profits to thrive. One example of this is Full Circle’s garden will provide vegetables to be prepared.
The goal is to raise $3 million, break ground this June, and to complete the building within one year. They have fundraising events coming up in the next few months, with the help of the GP Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Carlisle is looking for financial support but also needs the community to embrace the concept.